About Aakashsanchita

Learning and teaching is always fun, having taught to classmates and students from middle school to Post graduate college . AakashSanchita is a platform of collection of learning ideas which student enjoy to study.

Aakashsanchita focuses on bringing up unique qualities of children and on basis of character , educational training given. Each child has unique ability some are creative and some are intellect.

Aakashsanchita blog has educational content for children from zero to competition preparing people.

Aakashsanchita is an educational group working in Pune, Benaras,Patna in learning activities .Our fellow teach and coach on various level.

Hope Aakashsanchita will deliver your expectation and will help to carve out best in you.

Your child understanding needs upgradation not a mugup ,come and partner with us .We will help in educating and guiding child in a new manner.

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