Brand Loves Amazon- Know how to Scale Your E-commerce Business

You have just started your Business from Scratch and you are set for your Product Sales.

Every Entrepreneur develop a product which is solution to certain existing gap between Market Demand and Supply.

You are in confusion where to start of – Building up website, Social Media Marketing, Google Paid Marketing or Marketplace Selling.

All of the mentioned channels are important for your Business Long term growth 📈.

As an entrepreneur you need to think where should I invest.

Marketplace Selling is not all about just Sales it’s start from Brand Building till post purchase Customer Service.

You may ask the below question.

How to start selling on Amazon?

A Minimum requirement is Business Registration,Brand Trademark and Bank Details.

You can click here : Seller Central

You are ready to create your Amazon Seller Central Account.

Once you have created you will get login to your account:


Now go to Brand Registry of Amazon and Register your Brand here.

Once approved you are ready to list your First Product.Hurray!!! You have nailed the first step to Launch product on Amazon.

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