How to study physics – Tips to score well in jee and school examination

Physics in class 11 are really new moving from a theoretical understanding to more mathematical driven subject.Chapters seems to start with dimensional analysis and down the line moves to derivation .

1. To begin with physics learning one
needs to brush up Mathematics-
Topics you have studied in class 10
such as trigonometry,quadratic equation,algebra.
2. New things to learn in mathematics
will be differentiation and integration,these are formulae based but have meanings and crux.
List of integration and differentiation  Formulae
It will be helpful.
Some books helpful to read are following:

Understand the topic in detail and practice questions as they will help you through most of chapters in kinematics,electrostatics.

3. Follow ncert text book of physics while you read and for numericals recommended books are :

Following both books from your starting will help you to excel.

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