Introduction to “Mathematics” to your child

A child is born and with this his interaction to world starts. Child can feel Mother and understand her, spells the word “ma” and the journey to understand the world starts with the feeling.

I am here to extend your favorite term “ma” to “ma-th” to your young ones.

I have seen parents, children fear of a small ghost Mathematics. Children cannot understand the world of counting and parent looking a way to connect their dear to numbers.

I have asked my student a  question and answers were quite loving

“Which is easy🤔 to Dance/Play Cricket /Paint/Sing or to study Math?

The answer has always been on the part where children can connect themselves to may be dance, play, paint.

I find a missing link between children and ma-th.

  • Connect child with objects, figures, patterns. Let them feel the world with their imagination. Get an idea of their imagination.
  • Give faces to numbers which they like and let them feel and understand.
  • Change the mindset of your child if they feel math is tough.
  • Maths is not for hour learning, day to day activities can help your children learn ma-th effectively.

Do not move your children on memorizing instead help them to relate.

Look for our next post for videos and activities for your children to deliver Mathematics dream.





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